Preparation for the Central Asian Agriculture Exhibition is fully under way

Today, the full-scale preparation for one of the significant exhibitions for the agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan - the 11th International Central Asian Agriculture Exhibition is in progress.

More than 60 exhibiting companies from 15 countries of the world will come to participate in the annual exhibition and to demonstrate the products and services presenting the sectors as livestock breeding, poultry farming, fruit cultivation, pig breeding, vegetable production, grain storage, veterinary medicine, feedstock, agricultural equipment and others. This year Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan will participate in the exhibition.

8 leading companies from Italy, including Cermac, Ferrari Construzioni Mecchaniche and others will present modern equipment for crop production, cultivation and recycling of vegetables and fruit at AgroWorld Kazakhstan Exhibition. “Promholod” CC (Russia), HolodPromStroyEngineering (Russia), ATLAS (Turkey) and Celtic Cooling (Netherlands) will demonstrate the latest systems of industrial refrigeration, cooling and maintaining the required temperature for freezing and storing the products at low temperatures, technological conditioning of workshops and others. Fruit Control Equipments (Italy), Flowair (Poland), IsolcellI (Italy) will participate with equipment and air conditioning systems and advanced storage technologies in controlled gaseous environment. The turn key services in “Gardening” section from “Basis.RU” will be presented at the exhibition, the company will show materials, equipment, components and seedling for intense gardening.

For the first time “Trading House VIC”, a major producer and supplier of leading veterinary preparations, instruments and feed additives, exhibits of which will be dedicated to veterinary medicine, will participate in the exhibition. We would like to remind that one of the main themes of AgroWorld Kazakhstan is “Poultry Farming”. The largest international companies, among which there are Agrovo, Big Dutchman, Salmet, Facco, Tehna and others will introduce on theirs stands equipment for poultry farming, for sorting and packaging of eggs, systems for recycling broilers, turkeys and ducks, feeding and maintenance systems for modern poultry farming and many others for domestic poultry industry.

In the framework of the exhibition the Conference on “Poultry Farming in Kazakhstan. Objectives and Issues of the Industry” will be held. The representatives of the specialized state institutions, managers and workers of the poultry farms, experts of the industry, mass media and others will discuss the modern conditions, problems and perspectives of poultry farming development in Kazakhstan. The conference will be held jointly with the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan.

The exhibitions KazUpack 2016 – “Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing”, WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016 – “Food Industry”, HOREX 2016 – “Everything for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets” and CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 – “Cleaning and Detergents, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Machines, Cleaning Equipment” will be held in parallel with AgroWorld Kazakhstan. We hurry to inform you that from November 2 to 4 the specialized project ColdChain Kazakhstan 2016 will be held, it is the first highly specialized exhibition in Central Asia, the main theme of which is innovative solutions, products and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable products.

Organisers: Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its partners ITE Group Plc.

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