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Ladies and gentlemen!

Allow me to greet and congratulate everyone on the opening of the 21st Central Asian International Food Exhibition “WorldFood Kazakhstan 2018” and the 13th Central Asian International Agriculture Exhibition “AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2018”. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the organizing committee for the opportunity to greet and congratulate all the participants and guests.

Kazakhstan is the center of economic and socio-cultural exchange in Central Asia. This exhibition is focused on agricultural technology, food production technology, food culture, food trends, products of Central Asia, which contribute to the development of the food industry not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other countries like Korea, Russia, Germany, China, and India.

Since 2008, the Republic of Korea has been a regular participant in the “WorldFood Kazakhstan” exhibition and provides Korean food and technology to Kazakhstan, contributing to the expansion of bilateral relations, by building partnerships in various fields.

Food is not only a very important factor necessary for a person to maintain life, but it is also a value for health, for the person’s well-being and pleasure. Agriculture and the food industry – are the fields that have fundamental meaning to a country and the people’s standard of living. Therefore, the development of these industries is very important.

I support the policy of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in promoting domestic agriculture and the food industry, and I hope that the exhibition will bring more vivid opportunities for expansion in these projects.

I wish “WorldFood Kazakhstan” and “AgroWorld Kazakhstan” further development, and to all the participants and guests of the exhibition - promising meetings and stable partnerships!

Kim Daesik
Ambassador of the Republic of Korea
to the Republic of Kazakhstan

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