Feedback from visitors AgroWorld 2021

Zhibek Makhambet, MAGONIYA Individual Entrepreneur

This is not the first time I visit this exhibition. And first of all, I came here for the business program. As a farmer, I am interested in innovations in agribusiness. There were very interesting seminars on greenhouses, in another hall for Belarus. In general, it is a rich business program. As a future manufacturer, it was very interesting for me. Processing equipment was presented at the exhibition, which interested me. I liked the atmosphere very much. During the pandemic, we managed to miss such events, live meetings are much more interesting than online. I also really liked the organization, the interesting program with professionals in this field, interesting manufacturers among the participants. We tried a lot of things that are not on the shelves in our stores. There were more stands in 2019, but I think next year the pandemic will subside and there will be even more interesting things. I will definitely visit the exhibition next year 2022.

Vladimir Vladislavovich Panov, “ЦОТ” Individual Entrepreneur

I came to this exhibition to learn something new for myself and find information about one or another company. I came here mostly at AgroWorld, but I’m also interested in QazPack. The level of organization is really gorgeous, everything is quite interesting and colorful. It can be seen that the organizers and participants tried hard. When you enter the pavilion, you immediately see a lot of useful information in a beautiful modern design. We visit exhibitions of this kind every two years. I want to say that after today’s exhibition, we will visit it annually.

Shamil Makhmadov, AGRO LLP

The purpose of the visit is to obtain new industry information. We are manufacturers and we are interested in seeing new technologies. We are interested in the culture itself. First, we came here to see how the market is doing after the pandemic. Second, it is to look something for our production, that is, for the production of compound feed and for the production of feed additives for farm animals. Thirdly, see what is new on the market. The level of organization is satisfactory, most of the pavilions are very well-filled. We attend exhibitions on an annual basis and hope to visit this venue next year!

Aliya Andreyevna Moldynova, Sales Manager of Elementum LLP

We supply equipment for the analysis of agricultural products, we came here to find partners. This is my first time participating in your exhibitions, I didn’t get my bearings right away, a lot of participants were represented. I try to attend such industry exhibitions as they are organized, because it is very useful for business. A large number of people and such a variety of companies provide a lot of opportunities for growth. I think I will definitely visit this exhibition next year.

Vladimir Malunin, manager of the sales department of PRADO SILOS LLP

I came with the aim of promoting my products, this is equipment for elevators. And also to evaluate the work of the exhibition, to personally see whether it is worth participating here, what kind of audience is here. I am trying to get information about visitors. In order to participate in the exhibition, it is necessary to understand who the visitor is. Because Kazakhstan is a new territory for us, I am a representative of a Spanish plant, and this information will be interesting for us. I pointed out to myself that there were a lot of Russian companies here, which was completely unexpected. I expected to see Kazakhstan, and there is also Russia, which was very unusual. But, nevertheless, the exhibition turned out to be very useful. Everything is great, the exhibition worked and I had a very productive time. There are our partners with compound feeds here and they also liked this exhibition, everything is fine. Of course, next year we will come with an expanded team.