Olga Grezneva, Deputy Head of the Export Support Center of the Republic of Tatarstan

Once again, the Republic of Tatarstan takes part with a collective stand in the AgroWorld exhibition. At last, following the end of the pandemic, exhibition and fair activities have resumed, and we are very pleased to participate here again. The last time we took part in 2019, this is our fourth time. Our company is very fond of this exhibition. This time we brought four manufacturing companies from the Republic of Tatarstan, our hopes were fully justified. Despite the lull in the provision of exhibitions in six months, it is possible to estimate the target audience at 101 points. Thanks a lot to the organizers for their profile awareness. On the whole, our companies are very satisfied, there is already progress in the conclusion of export contacts, I am always happy with exhibitions in Kazakhstan. Since we represent the public sector for supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Tatarstan, I believe that one of the most effective tools for supporting our entrepreneurs is participation in international exhibitions. Of course, in an offline format, it is our own presence with demonstrational samples. It really works.

Chkadua Temyr, Marketing Specialist of Advice&Consulting

I can say that we are very pleased with our participation in the AgroWorld Qazaqstan exhibition. We participate almost every year, but last year, unfortunately, we were unable to participate due to the pandemic. We are pleased with the results, because it is an ideal offline platform for meeting potential clients in our specific sector. This is one of the best platforms to meet a real potential client. We are pleased that there are so many people who are interested in our products and services. Only two days of the exhibition have passed and everything is going very well. Participation in such exhibitions gives a large influx of the target audience. This is a very significant platform for the sphere. The demand from the visitors is what we participate here for every year. People only within the framework of the exhibition can clearly understand what we are really doing. Our experts can fully tell what we are doing and show everything that we have done not in digital format, but here. Truly and in a live conversation.

Julia Rasulla, Manager of IFT Project Development

We are very pleased to participate in this exhibition. We have been participating in it not for the first year. We are very pleased with the feedback we receive. We do not participate for a reason, we have many partners here, many new clients. Unfortunately, this year there are not as many people as in 2019, then there was just a great exhibition. But this year there were also enough visitors. More than we expected. Such events are very helpful for business development, local entrepreneurs learn about us, many of our colleagues and our potential clients. And I think that participation in the exhibition is a very important step in our not easy area.


Generally speaking, the exhibition is very well organized. There are many participants, but I understand that due to covid restrictions, many of our colleagues were unable to fly in. There were not many profile visitors, because we specialize in medium and large manufacturers, we produce equipment for processors. But there is a trend for development, every year it is more and more. I think that at such platforms, a lot of people learn about our equipment, about innovative solutions that could be used in their production. In particular, people do not have sufficient knowledge about our products, about the solutions that they can apply and which will allow them to earn more money on their business, that is, to increase the yield and quality of products. Therefore, I believe that participation in the exhibition is an educational activity. We plan to participate in the next 2022, but the latest decision will depend on the pandemic situation.

Tair Shlyakov, General Director of Al Total lazalhstan

I would say that it is very useful for companies like us to participate here, because we have only recently entered the market. This is a great opportunity for us to show the market that we are here so that people will notice us. Agriculture is more about word of mouth and face-to-face conversation than just creating a web page. Therefore, I think that AgroWorld Qazaqstan exhibition is an ideal option for starting a business. Of course, there was interest in our products. There are not as many farmers as we would like, but there were people from the field of agriculture and animal husbandry with whom it was interesting to talk about cooperation, I see that people have an interest. We are planning to participate next year, this is an interesting experience for us. Both me and the guys get a lot of experience from talking to specialists.