Welcome Letters 2012

Dear participants, guests and organisers!

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan let me greet and congratulate all participants and organisers with the opening of food exhibition WorldFood Kazakhstan and agriculture exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan.

First of all, I would like to congratulate everybody with the Anniversary of WorldFood Kazakhstan, which has been demonstrating industry achievements, up-to-date equipment and technologies throughout 15 years; besides, every year it gives a good opportunity to foreign partners and leading producers to exchange the expertise.

Agriculture development in Kazakhstan is under focused attention of the Government, as agriculture plays a significant role in Kazakhstan economy and the entire Central Asian region. That is why exhibitions in this sector are progressing rapidly.

AgroWorld Kazakhstan exhibition is a very important project in agriculture sector, namely in animal husbandry, poultry, veterinary and fodder sectors. The forum serves as an informative platform for farmers and all other participants of the market.

I am confident that interesting business programme of the exhibition with the participation of leading specialists of the industry will enable promotion of domestic production and improvement of its quality and assortment. I wish everybody successful and fruitful work, achievement of your goals, and useful meetings!

Marat Tolibaev

Vice-Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Exhibitors, Guests and Organisers,

On behalf of KAZNEX INVEST National Export and Investment Agency under the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan, I would like to extend my congratulations to all exhibitors, guests and organisers on the opening of the WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorldKazakhstan International Forums and the AGRICA Agricultural Conference, which Almaty traditionally hosts in autumn.

Kazakhstan is very well prepared to compete in the global market with such goods as flour, macaroni products, fruit and vegetables, fish, dairy products, and confectionery. Such confidence is supported by the stable development of the agricultural industry – it meets the domestic needs and boasts strong capabilities for growth.

Specifically, the amount of local macaroni products exported to 16 countries worldwide ramps up annually. The exports of finished flour and milk products and baked goods have grown by almost 30 percent over the previous year. The exports of oil seeds, fruits and wool have demonstrated the same growth level.

I would like to note that KAZNEX INVEST provides comprehensive support to local food manufacturers in their efforts to enter foreign markets. We assist them in determining sales markets and finding end buyers, and we also compensate the costs incurred by exporters. With our direct support, local food products are exported on a regular basis to Russia, China, Central Asia, Caucasian region, and South East Asia.

I am hopeful that such exhibitions and conferences will serve as an efficient ground to share best practices of international and local manufacturers and as such will enhance recognisability of Kazakhstan products.

I wish success and prosperity to all exhibitors and guests!

Meirzhan Maikenov
Vice Chairman of the Board

 Dear Exhibitors, Guests and Organisers,

On behalf of KazAgro National Managing Holding JSC, let me congratulate you on the opening of WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan, two International Exhibitions traditionally run in Almaty in autumn.

The priorities of the KazAgro Holding’s investment policy include participation in the assurance of food security and development of the export potential of the country’s agricultural sector. These critical areas present common tasks both for the Holding and the Exhibitions.

The WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2012 Exhibitions are the largest projects in Central Asia for food industry and agriculture, encompassing more than 350 companies of 35 countries all over the world. This year, the exhibitions would display a record number of national groups. The attractiveness of the local market and the exhibitions for foreign companies bears the evidence of the dynamic development of Kazakhstan’s economy generally, which is a pleasure to note.

By participating in the exhibition events, many of our partners will gain additional opportunities to meet potential customers, make transactions and strengthen their market power.

I congratulate the event organisers and exhibitors on the jubilee of the exhibitions and wish all of you a successful and effective dialogue, success to your business and creative work, and all the best!

B.T. Beisengaliyev
Chairman of the Management Board
KazAgro National Managing Holding JSC

Dear Exhibitors, Guests and Organisers,

I am sincerely happy to welcome all exhibitors and guests of the Kazakhstan International Exhibitions WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan, which are traditionally held in Almaty every autumn.

The agricultural and food industries are key sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy. With its level of competitiveness, the agricultural sector can attract foreign companies.

The WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2012 Exhibitions are Central Asia’s largest food and agriculture projects covering over 350 companies from 35 countries. This year, the exhibitions feature a record-setting number of national groups. We are honoured to note that attractiveness of the market and the exhibition to foreign companies manifests the dynamic development of Kazakhstan’s economy.

I am happy to congratulate the organisers and exhibitors on the jubilee exhibition and wish you successful and productive interactions, business and creative success and all the best!

R.I. Sharipov
Chairman, Union of Poultry Farmers


 Dear Exhibitors and Guests of WorldFood Kazakhstan 2012,

On behalf of the Meat and Dairy Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, please let me greet all exhibitors and visitors of the 15th Central Asian International Food Industry Exhibition – WorldFood Kazakhstan 2012!

Today, the most pressing issues facing the dairy and meat production industry are the improvement of production technologies coupled with employment of automated processes, raw materials and energy saving, minimising risks, productivity enhancement, development and implementation of state-of-the-art marketing techniques, and logistics. To a large extent, tackling these issues is much facilitated by WorldFood Kazakhstan 2012, where the said sector accounts for 50% of the total display area.

It is worth noting that the meat and dairy sector at WorldFood Kazakhstan 2012 is growing and gaining strength with every coming year. Thanks to the Exhibition, consumers and producers become more informed and demanding to the quality of products. Annually, large numbers of companies come from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. And every year, the Exhibition becomes increasingly interesting and attractive.

I warmly congratulate everyone on the 15th anniversary of the Exhibition! I wish the exhibitors fruitful work, creative meetings, and successful implementation of their plans on the way to achieve competitiveness.

Ivan Sauer
Chairman of the Board
Meat and Dairy Union Association


Dear Exhibitors, Visitors and Organisers,

On behalf of the Kazakhstan Farmers Union, I cordially welcome you and extend my congratulations to the exhibitors and organisers on the opening of WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorldKazakhstan Exhibitions.

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you on a jubilee of WorldFood Kazakhstan Exhibition, which has been demonstrating, over 15 years, the industry's achievements and advanced equipment and technologies. It also serves as an annual ground to exchange best practices with foreign counterparts and the industry's leading manufacturers.

In Kazakhstan, the agricultural development is in the highlight as it plays a significant role in the economy of the country and even of the entire Central Asian region. That is why the exhibitions in this sector are developing rapidly and dynamically.

AgroWorldKazakhstan Exhibition is an essential project in agriculture, in particular, for cattle breeding, poultry farming, and veterinary medicine.

I am confident that an extensive exhibition agenda combined with the involvement of leading experts will contribute to promoting local products and upgrading their quality and ranges. May you work successfully and efficiently, meet your expectations, and enjoy worthwhile meetings!

Auezkhan Darinov

Kazakhstan Farmers Union