West Kazakhstan reaped a crop three times more than last year

Grain-growers of the West Kazakhstan region finished cleaning of grain crops, BNews.kz correspondent reported. Average productivity made 14.8 centners from hectare.

The Deraptment of Agriculture noted that such record harvest wasn't long ago. In 2015 landowners collected 95,000 tons of grain.

"In 1993 and 2008 average productivity made 14 centners with hectare too. But this year is collected even more. From 215,000 hectares 317,000 tons of grain are collected," the head of department of crop production of Deraptment of Agriculture of the WKR Denis Umashev said.

Now in the area cleaning of oil-bearing crops began. Average productivity makes 7.5 centners with hectare though last year it was twice less.


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