MEDITERRANEA SEMENTI the leading Italian Seed Company dedicated to Forage seeds

MEDITERRANEA SEMENTI is the leading Italian Seed Company, specialized in breeding, producing and marketing improved Forage seed varieties.

Its Research department released, using only conventional breeding techniques, over 60 Forage varieties registered in the European and OECD Catalogues: main objective is to fulfill increasing high quality demand coming from the farmers and the whole agricultural chain, particularly for animal feeding and milk/meat production.

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Forage legumes (Alfalfa, Clovers, etc ...) particularly appreciated for their palatability and digestibility, they represent top quality feed for animals, ensuring a high rate of proteins and vitamins.

Forage grasses (Ryegrass spp, etc ...) have a high capacity to adapt themselves to all climates and latitudes. There are annual and multiannual species/varieties, which can be used as single crops and/or in mixtures.

They ensure wide green coverage for soils and high quality forage for cattle.

Another important role of Legumes and Grasses is to improve soil fertility and structure, including them into crop rotation with main field crops.

MEDITERRANEA SEMENTI produces top quality seeds, certified by recognized international certification systems, fulfilling EU, OECD and/or ISTA norms; all seed is GMO free.

Before their commercial introduction in a new geographical area, each variety is tested locally, in private and public trial stations, to check its adaptability and performance.

Thanks to its versatility, MEDITERRANEA SEMENTI is particularly able to meet its Partners’ needs in terms of lay-out and packaging solutions. A qualified staff guarantees an efficient logistic service, reaching any geographic area.

MEDITERRANEA SEMENTI exports large seed volumes all over Europe and world-wide and its products are largely appreciated in more and more foreign countries on the five continents.

Please kindly visit Company’s web-site, watch a video presentation on YouTube ( and find below contact details:

Mediterranea Sementi srl
Zona industriale S. Atto - 64100 TERAMO – Italy
Tel. +39 0861 232007 - Fax. +39 0861 232024
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information visit stand of Mediterranea Sementi srl during exhibition on 1-3 November , Atakent Expo, Almaty city, 11 Pavilion, Stand #11-266

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