World Bank will support beef husbandry development program in Kazakhstan

Washington hosted successful negotiations between the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan S.K. Omarov and Vice-president of the World Bank Cyril Muller. They discussed the launching of the Program for Results - PforR under which for the first time Kazakhstan will apply financing scheme for investment projects.

It should be noted that the PforR lending tool provides a flexible approach for World Bank client countries to achieve development results based on government programs.

The joint project of sustainable livestock development involves the support of the World Bank in the implementation of the State Livestock Development Program in Kazakhstan. Thus, the World Bank is ready to finance the implementation of the beef husbandry development program in the amount of $ 500 million. The implementation period is planned for 2020-2023.

A World Bank loan under the Program for Results is a financial instrument where the expenditure part of the project is not directly related to World Bank financing and is not controlled by the World Bank.

Withing the PforR Program World Bank will send funds under specific performance criteria in the following directions:

- improving the efficiency of government spending through the improvement of a favorable regulatory framework - the transfer of subsidies from the red basket to the green, the simplification of tax regulation procedures for farms, the simplification of export procedures;
- supporting the sustainable promotion of exports and competitiveness through the establishment of an effective system of product traceability, ensuring adequate veterinary and food safety, improving the environmental sustainability of livestock breeding;

- supporting of working places creation and increasing incomes in rural areas, through expanding the production of high-quality feedings, increasing irrigated lands for feedings production, flooding of pastures, promoting of a sustainable expansion of livestock production, which has in its center a farmer, establishing relationships between the small and medium peasant farms/farms with sales markets, promotion of anchor cooperation.

Reference: Kazakhstan joint the World Bank group in June 1992. During this cooperation with the World Bank, Kazakhstan was granted $8.1 bln. US dollars to implement 46 joint projects in the different parts of the economy, including agriculture.

July 01st, 2019, Source: Official website of the Ministry of Agriculture

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