PH Insulation Presents Refrigeration Doors With Anti-Pandemic Handles

PH Insulation, ProfHolod in Russia, presents to the refrigeration market refrigeration doors with innovative anti-pandemic handles. The new handle is manufactured by Fermod, the largest French hardware manufacturer, and is used with PH Insulation’s hinged refrigeration doors. Improved design and antibacterial materials of the new handle will reduce the costs of sanitation and disinfection at commercial facilities and minimize the risk of transmissions. According to researches, COVID-19 remains active on standard metal and plastic surfaces for up to 9 days, and on human skin for up to 12 days.
The special shape of the handle makes it possible to open the door with an elbow. The specially designed handle design eliminates the need to touch the handle with the palm, thereby reducing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria. The handle also allows to open the door when both hands are loaded.
The surface of the new handle is covered with a special antibacterial material, which prevents bacteria growth. The antibacterial material is safe for use in food storages.
“We are very pleased to introduce the new handle to the Russian refrigeration market in cooperation with PH Insulation, our long-term trustworthy partner,” says Laurent Roulin, Export Sales Director of Fermod.


The new handle can replace the standard Fermod 521 handle installed to the same installation holes: the new handle, like the Fermod 521, is attached to a door leaf with 9 screws 6 mm diameter.
“While the COVID-19 has not yet gone away, PH Insulation is actively looking for new solutions that will help our partners to ensure confident and safe operation of their business and the business of their customers. So we are pleased to offer the refrigeration market an innovative design from Fermod, our long-time partner for door hardware.
The new handle for the most popular type of refrigeration doors in Russia, hinged doors, will save customers time and effort for regular surface treatment and disinfection reducing labor and operating costs.
We expect that the new handle will become a standard component of preventive measures to battle the spread of viruses,” says Stanislav Dzhuraev, head of the Industrial cold department at ProfHolod.

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