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HYDROSYSTEMS specializes in wholesale and retail sale of PVC hoses of a wide range of applications, from Agriculture to Industrial facilities. These products are made of polyvinyl chloride, which determines the key characteristics of the products, including:

• environmental friendliness and safety. Transparent PVC hose does not emit harmful substances, working at temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius, is not soluble and does not support combustion. Therefore, PVC hoses are often used in the food industry;
• inertness to most transported substances, including solutions of acids, alcohol, fuels and lubricants;
• PVC gas hose is hermetically sealed to avoid penetration of most gases;
• flexibility and plasticity at temperatures up to -25 degrees Celsius;
• operates in a wide range of pressures. Reinforced PVC delivery suction hose can operate at pressures up to 40 bar;
• resistance to mechanical influences;
• hose reinforced with PVC helix and steel helix does not change working diameter when bent;
• smooth, wear-resistant inner surface provides minimal resistance to the transported medium;
• long service life of reinforced PVC hose;
• cheaper than rubber and silicone counterparts, subject to equal operating parameters;
• PVC hose, reinforced with thread and PVC helix, is lightweight.

Hydrosystems is engaged in wholesale and retail sale of PVC hoses of a wide range of applications in Kazakhstan. Our clients are agricultural, industrial, food companies, as well as individuals. Our assortment includes the best manufacturers of high-quality hoses from Italy and Bulgaria. You can order PVC hoses at competitive prices on our website.

Comply with UNI EN ISO 1308:2008 standards:

- Industrial high pressure hoses
- Agricultural PVC Hoses
- PVC hoses for food industry
- Garden and irrigation hoses

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