ProfHolod, Russia's largest manufacturer of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam, presents a typical solution for the construction of cold storage chambers: modular structures with eccentric locks. 

The modular chambers of ProfHolod are ideal for storing food products or as a small production room. Modular chambers allow:

  • promptly disassemble and assemble chambers at a new location 
  • significantly increase the installation speed due to the pre-installed door
  • provide savings on shaped elements


At the ProfHolod stand, professional builders and managers of farms, agricultural holdings, livestock, poultry complexes will be able to get acquainted with other energy-efficient solutions for the construction of agricultural enterprises:

  • sandwich panels with PIR Premier fire-resistant insulation. Sandwich panels with PIR Premier provide the maximum level of heat or cold preservation due to the thermal conductivity of 0.0194 W/m *K, have the CE mark and are manufactured according to the European standard EN14509
  • wall and roof sandwich panels with mineral wool, conforming to GOST 32603-2021, for buildings with increased fire safety requirements
  • 18 types of refrigeration and process doors, including doors for chambers with controlled gas environment
  • PIR Plate® universal insulation in the lining of paper, foil, film, fiberglass for insulation of buildings and construction of flat roofs
  • Solar Sandwich innovative  system is a unique combination of sandwich panels with PIR Premier with solar panels. Universal mounting systems allow installing solar panels, including on already built facilities. The system allows saving up to 30% of heating or air conditioning costs.

All sandwich panels can be ordered in ProfHolod in any colors for the construction of buildings in the desired design and with any coatings:

  • Food Safe for meat and dairy shops. The coating is absolutely safe in direct contact with food. Coating thickness: 110-120 microns, RUV 4, RC 5
  • PVDF for poultry houses and cowsheds. Increased resistance to contamination, the ability to operate in aggressive environments. Increased UV resistance. Coating thickness: 25-40 microns, RUV 4, RC 3
  • PU, polyurethane coating, for agricultural structures. It has increased mechanical strength and wear resistance, resistance to atmospheric factors. Coating thickness: 35-50 microns, RUV 4, RC 5
  • food grade stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321 for meat processing plants, slaughter shops, meat cutting
  • other coatings according to individual technical specifications

Welcome to stand of company N11-143 at the AgroWorld Qazaqstan 2023 exhibition in Pavilion 11, Atakent KCBC, Almaty, from November 1 to 3.

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