By 2016, Aport apple tree garden area will increase to 2.5 thousand hectares - President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Almaty oblast has a great agricultural potential. Almaty's Aport apple tree gardens are being revived today. This was stated by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, while presenting his speech on 20th of April at "Aulym Altyn Besigim" forum during his working trip to the region. The announcement was published by IIA "Kazinform".

Trans-Ili Alatau is the birthplace of the famous Aport apples. The revival efforts have already begun, and as of today there are 14.2 thousand hectares of gardens, including about two thousand of Aport apple trees. By 2016, the area of Aport trees will increase to 2.5 thousand hectares. Every year gardeners will be picking up more than three thousand tons of apples.

Fruits and vegetables grown by the farms in the region supply the existing processing facilities.

For example, "Aidarbayev" farm in Yenbekshikazakh district has its own garden and produces juices that are delivered directly to consumers. "Gold Product", "Issyk Сanning Plant" producers in cooperation with the local farmers produce seven thousand tons of canned fruits and vegetables, 10 million liters of juice and wine every year.

Extensive efforts are directed to revival of sugar beet production, Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized.

It is planned to allocate 4 thousand hectares of land for sugar beet growing this year. Four sugar beet farms have already started spring field works.

On assignment of the oblast akim Mr. Amandyk Batalov, SEC "Zhetysu" will provide seeds to beet farms in the region this year. Until the end of April they will be provided to the farms of Yeskeldy, Aksu, Sarkand and Karatal districts. Koksu district has already received the planting material.

Moreover, SEC "Zhetysu" is implementing a social project to organize the network of service procuring centers, where machine and tractor stations are created.

Today, 15:21 Source: Radiotochka

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