Trends and prospects for the development of the agricultural sector at the AgriFood Qazaqstan 2020 online forum!

On November 3-5, 2020, representatives of government bodies, industry associations, unions, domestic agricultural producers and businesses will meet at the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan single online platform to discuss the current state of the industry, find solutions for efficiently doing business in accordance with the new market realities.

The online AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan is held under the auspices of the Central Asian International Exhibitions "Food Industry" - "FoodExpo Qazaqstan" and "Agriculture" - AgroWorld Qazaqstan, which, due to the long-term global impact of coronavirus infection, were postponed to November 3-5, 2021.

The organizer of the online-forum is the Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company.

The coronavirus has changed life on the planet, and agriculture is no exception. The events of 2020 forced the world to step into a new reality. In this new reality, where development depends on the speed of making the right decisions and quick adaptability, the agricultural sector faces new challenges to ensure the sustainable development of the country's food security. The meeting of business circles of the agricultural industry on the same platform in online format will definitely contribute to identifying trends and the most recent innovations in the agricultural sector in the world, and predetermine the focus of development for the coming years.

Obviously, after the pandemic, the introduction of new technologies will accelerate, and not because of the situation in the domestic market, but because of the need to compete in global markets with manufacturers from developed countries involved in automation. Dictated by the coronavirus pandemic, the new conditions imply a shift in business focus on automation and robotization of agricultural production, digitalization of machines and technical services, and modern telecommunication technologies.

Forum for modernization and technological equipment of agricultural enterprises - Agri-Food Forum unites the interests of the full chain of growing and processing agricultural products, production, packaging and storage of food and beverages.

Within three days of the forum, industry-specific specialized discussions will take place on the most relevant topics of the agro-industrial complex with the aim of intensifying and modernizing agricultural enterprises, food and processing industries, as well as exchange of experience between domestic and international experts.

The following thematic sessions will be held within the framework of the Forum:

  • Attraction of investments into the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan;
  • Avian influenza: risk minimization and prevention - webinar of the Union of Poultry Breeders of Kazakhstan;
  • Fruit and vegetable business in Kazakhstan: the impact of COVID'19 and overcoming the crisis;
  • Technologies in bakery and optimization of bakery production - training program.

The partners of the online forum AgriFood Qazaqstan 2020 are the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Research Institute of Fruit and Vegetable Growing, the Association of Gardeners of the Almaty Region and the BSPiK Academy.

You can find more detailed information about the conference, speakers and sessions schedule on

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