AgriFood Qazaqstan 2020: Points of growth for the agro-industrial complex

Today, November 4, within the framework of the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan discussion platform, two thematic sessions were held on the following issues:

  • Attraction of investments into the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan;
  • Fruit and vegetable business in Kazakhstan: the impact of COVID'19 and overcoming the crisis.

The discussions were attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and regional akimats, industry associations and unions, domestic agricultural producers and businesses.

In the new realities, investment is vital for the modernization of the national economy, as it allows to overcome the existing crisis in the development of regions, to ensure financial stability by raising and expanding existing production, to actively participate in solving various social problems.
Investments in the agro-industrial complex aimed at obtaining a quality product will have a multiplier socio-economic effect: increasing employment and income levels of the population, increasing the competence of local farmers and entrepreneurs, expanding sales markets, and improving the competitiveness of local products.

Speaking about measures to support agriculture by the state, it should be noted that the agrarian sector is becoming a state priority, which, in turn, can contribute to increasing the investment attractiveness of the agro-industrial complex. Attracting not only the state, but also large companies is not only attracting direct investment, but also the transfer of technology and managerial experience, an increase in labor productivity, access to foreign markets and integration into global production chains.
In addition to the processing sector, Kazakhstan has great potential in the development of greenhouse facilities. It is interesting both as an export destination and in terms of meeting the domestic needs of the population during the off-season.

A special role in the development of investment attractiveness of agricultural formations belongs to the regions of the republic. Representatives of regional akimats and SECs told about the current situation in the regions. Deputy akim of the Almaty region Serik Turdaliev noted that due to the involvement of new pastures in the Almaty region, the number of feeding areas has increased in recent years. The region is actively developing dairy farms, the number of which has already reached 82 units. “It will be important for farmers in Almaty region to develop anchor projects. We are currently working with a project from the American company Tyson Foods, a world leader in meat production.
We will provide land. A contract is being signed with the Ministry of Agriculture. We think that agricultural cooperatives will be formed around such anchor projects,” - said Serik Turdaliev. Aigul Akhmedzhanova, Chairman of the Board of JSC "SEC" Turkestan", shared information on the creation of gardens with an area of about 1000 hectares, working out a scheme for transferring them to leasing. The state, represented by the Akimat, through the SEC or directly, is ready to participate in the construction of external infrastructure: watering, roads and electricity will be supplied. Alexander Barnevitz, head of the German-Kazakhstani Agrarian-Political Dialogue, within the AgriFood Forum Qazaqstan, spoke about the prospects for attracting investments from the European Union.

Investments from the EU can be attracted in the processing of agricultural products, as well as in construction, including the creation of agricultural machinery production facilities. The session ended with an active dialogue of speakers and Q&A part.

The session devoted to the horticultural business in Kazakhstan turned out to be rich and lively. Nazgul Khatepova, Acting Director of the Department of Production and Processing of Crop Products of the Ministry of Agriculture, spoke about the measures of state support for greenhouses and orchards. Currently, Kazakhstan is developing a comprehensive plan to saturate the domestic market with food products for 2021 - 2023. One of the directions of the plan is to increase the production of fruits, primarily apples. Kairat Bisetaev, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Potato and Vegetable Growers of Kazakhstan, shared the forecast for the development of the Kazakhstani fresh potato market. Arsen Rysdauletov, representing the Association of Gardeners of the Almaty Region, during the online forum, spoke about the need for state support and a transparent monitoring system. Colleagues from Russia shared their experience in applying the latest technologies for storing and processing vegetables and fruits, as well as the current requirements of Russian hypermarkets for fresh-category suppliers. Aydar Baimakhan, Managing Director of Prime Agro Group LLP, spoke about the requirements of large retailers to suppliers of fruit and vegetable products.

Tomorrow, on November 5, a specialized session of the online forum will be held, which will be devoted to the discussion of the latest bakery technologies and optimization of bakery production in the new realities.

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